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China Heavy Machinery Association parking equipment working committee members
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China Heavy Machinery Association parking equipment working committee members

China Heavy Machinery Industry Association parking equipment working committee is approved by the National Ministry of Civil Affairs of the national parking equipment industry associations, is China's heavy machinery industry association branch, the existing member units more than 130, including the Chinese territory engaged in mechanical parking Equipment design, manufacture, installation, maintenance of the major enterprises, supporting products manufacturing enterprises and research institutes, car park management companies. At the same time, the working committee is approved by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, the national special equipment manufacturing license accreditation accreditation body.

The association consists of an advisory committee, a technical committee and a quality promotion committee.

Association Mission: Actively play the role of government and enterprises between the bridge and link to promote China's parking equipment industry healthy and orderly development.

The main work and tasks of the association:

1, the organization of industry development planning and industry statistics for the relevant government departments to develop industry policy to provide decision-making basis;

2, commissioned by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, is responsible for the national mechanical parking equipment manufacturing enterprises to determine the conditions for the identification of manufacturing;

3, the organization (participation) to develop industry-related norms and market access standards, and continuously improve the level of industry self-discipline;

4, the organization to develop, revise, propaganda industry standards;

5, organization, coordination of industry-related resource allocation and rational use;

6, the organization of domestic and international technical exchanges and market visits, regular domestic and foreign products exhibition;

7, the organization of technical achievements in the identification and application of the industry recommended high-tech products and brand-name products;

8. For the community to provide mechanical parking equipment (library) technical advice and technical services.