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MS series helical gear worm gear motor
MS series helical gear worm gear reducer motor
    MS series helical gear worm gear reducer motor
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MS series is composed of helical gear - worm gear and worm gear two-stage transmission, so the efficiency is far higher than the traditional WP and NMRV worm gear reducer, and the self-locking force is strong; Make it suitable for a variety of industries with specific requirements for torque and speed. Worm gearing and low noise features provide an ideal low cost drive solution.

Technical data

1. Speed ratio of reducer: 1:6.80-1:288.00

2. Speed ratio of multi-stage reducer: 1:110-1:33,818

3. The output torque is 92-4000nm, with the highest transmission efficiency reaching 93%

4. Motor power range: 0.12-22kw

Products features

1. Stable cast iron reducer body

2. Gear indicators have reached the most advanced international standards

3. A wide range of motors, braking motors and variable frequency motors can be directly connected

4. Suitable for harsh working conditions

5. Solid cast base or flange design

6. Smooth surface design for easy cleaning

7. All bearings are capable of long-term trouble-free operation

8. High quality seals enhance leakage protection

9. The output end is an integral part of the reducer body. There is no screw fixed output end cover, so it will not cause oil leakage or gear eccentricity.